You can say a lot in a minute message – here are our top tips

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You can say a lot in a minute message – here are our top tips

Illustrate how you can benefit someone or someone’s business with context and conviction and be specific in describing your ideal referral – who they are, where they are and why they need you! Remember, we are here to help each other.

Structure your minute message around three key elements – a beginning, middle and an end.

The beginning …

Include your name, your company name and what you do but be intriguing – think about what makes your customer experience referral-worthy.

Mundane: Hello, I am a mortgage broker.
Intriguing: Hello, I help people to buy and keep their dream home!

Start with a double name introduction and sign off with it too. It will soon become natural, reinforces your confidence and is noteworthy to those listening.

Make yourself memorable and approachable.

The middle …

This part of your Minute Message will change depending on your marketing efforts, seasonal promotions or target prospects.

The brain functions at its peak with concise messages so focus on three elements to make it easy for people to digest your words. Add simple techniques such as repetition or alliteration to make your communication more memorable, effective and emotive.

Example: Beanz Meanz Heinz
Example: Veni, vidi, vici (I came I saw I conquered) – Julius Caesar

Be specific: Being specific makes you easy to refer. If you don’t have an ideal customer name or company, what ‘quick wins’ do you have? Quick wins are things your NetworkIN colleagues will see, hear, touch or feel in their day-to-day activities that will make them think of you outside of meetings. This is the key to referral marketing success and an uncapped return on investment.

The end …

Repeat your name, your company name and a business strapline.

TOP TIP: Keep the beginning and end consistent. These will become your trademark words, a memorable slogan that fellow advocates will retain and recite.

HANDOUT: Download our handy little guides to help you construct that “perfect pitch”

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