Joining NetworkIN

Joining NetworkIN – INvest in us and we will INvest in you

Build professional business relationships within a positive and driven community – together we come out stronger.

What new business leads are you looking for?

Have you thought about being part of a thriving business community? NetworkIN is a referral marketing organisation that offers an ideal platform for you to meet new business contacts and generate interest in your products and services. You can sample a meeting before deciding if becoming an advocate will benefit your business.

Advocates are skilled individuals from a variety of sectors who look out for each other and pass on sales and collaborative opportunities.

Your INvestment


There are two affordable options to choose from, designed to cater for all budgets and stages in your business lifecycle.

  • Monthly Payments

  • £55+ VAT Per month
    • 12-month advocacy
    • Home Team
    • Free Training
    • Share your events
    • Facebook and Whatsapp Groups

  • One Payment

  • £560+ VAT a year
    • 12-month advocacy
    • Home Team
    • Free Training
    • Share your events
    • Facebook and Whatsapp Groups

Remember, you do not have to join NetworkIN before attending a meeting and we encourage you to sample one as your first step.

Our INvestment in You

Fortnightly meetings

NetworkIN will give you a structure to market your business effectively to fellow advocates during fortnightly online meetings.

Sector exclusivity

Lock out your competition and become the go-to expert in your field. Build strategic and collaborative relationships with fellow advocates.

Free explorINg

If your sector is not taken then we encourage you to explore other team meetings across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and The West Midlands to build your connections.

Advocate INduction programme

Free introductory training programme to get you up to speed fast and benefiting from improved marketability and profitability.

Half-day, 90-day planning

Get to grips with goal setting in this game changing workshop to prioritise your tasks and projects to reach the very best outcomes.

Individual ROI INsight portal

Keep focused, track activities and manage the inputs passed to you by fellow advocates to easily define your return on investment.

Free video chat room

Unrestricted access to your very own personalised NetworkIN video conferencing chat room, 24/7 to hold 1-2-1 and group meetings.

Extra publicity

Gain free publicity on the NetworkIN blog pages and social media channels for your products, services and events.

NetworkIN Online Meeting

How to become a NetworkIN advocate

Attending an in-person or virtual meeting is the first step you need to take to see if the NetworkIN environment and culture will work for your business. There is no pressure for you to make a decision at this stage.

The process

Step 1

Browse the teams, choose a meeting and book on to reserve your seat. Register your details to receive an email link with further information about your meeting.

Step 2

Attend on the day and enjoy the rewards of referral marketing before you make a decision. Attend a second meeting at the same team, or a different team, if you feel you need to appreciate the experience again before making any investment.

Step 3

Decide which meeting to join as your fortnightly home team and talk to the Team CaptaIN to answer any further questions you may have.

Step 4

Choose your preferred payment plan.

Step 5

Complete the application form.

Step 6

Once your application has been approved, you will become a full NetworkIN advocate and secure your sector within your chosen home team and unlock the privilege to explore other teams across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands.

Step 7

As an advocate you will gain access to all the benefits designed to support your business growth and a tailored personal development programme.

The NetworkIN ethos is one of relationships and reciprocity and our advocates believe that ‘together everyone achieves more’.


Choose what you want to do today

Check out the teams and reserve your seat

Check out the teams in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands and make an application – you want in!

NetworkIN in Cheshire

NetworkIN team meetings

All NetworkIN team meetings across Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands are held every two weeks. Meetings typically last for two hours and include refreshments and breakfast, lunch or an evening buffet meal.

Both NetworkIN Online and in-person team meetings follow a structure that gives every advocate and guest the chance to explain what their business does and how they can add value to their customers in a Minute Message. An advocate Business Bulletin presentation, informative learning point and a section where business referrals, opportunities and appreciation is passed form the second part of each meeting.

Take advantage of NetworkIN and lock in your seat and sector.


Referral marketing is the method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies.

Our Meetings

Morning Meetings

Mid-Morning Meetings

Lunch Meetings

Evening Meetings

Ladies only Meetings

Still unsure? Read our frequently asked questions

How much is NetworkIN?

You have two simple payment plans to choose from.

  1. £55 per month for 12 months.
  2. A flat fee of £560 for twelve months. Currently, there are no hidden extra costs for virtual meetings.

*Prices are plus VAT.

Can I attend other meetings?

Once you are a NetworkIN advocate you can attend any other Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire or West Midlands team as long as your sector is free.

Will NetworkIN work for me?

As with any referral marketing organisation, success depends on you following a proven word of mouth and recommendation process. We have some advocates invoicing £1000s every month.