Lancashire Teams

Finding the right Lancashire team for you could be easier than you think

If you are amazing at what you do and have an approach to business and customer service that is ‘referral worthy’ then a warm welcome awaits you with one of our Lancashire teams.


Attending a networking and referral marketing meeting is the first step to see if the NetworkIN environment and culture will work for your business. The NetworkIN ethos is one of relationships and reciprocity and our advocates believe in a culture of behaviours which work to help everyone grow – together.

NetworkIN team Manchester meeting header

Team Manchester

Wednesday Morning

06:45 – 08:45

View the advocates at Team Manchester

Our teams are business sector exclusive. Please click your preferred meeting time and day and then browse through our team advocates to ensure your business sector is available. Alternatively please call us on 01785 291129 and we will help you to find the perfect team.


Our Teams in Lancashire have mixed advocate meetings and we are looking to add more this year.