Power your success forward with business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Let referral marketing help you make strong and sustainable connections in the business community

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Are you looking for new avenues to explore to drive your business forward? Do you want contacts that you can rely on for support and recommendations? Business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands will offer this and more.

The great strength of referral marketing is that it is trusted, tried and tested. More than anything people want to know that they are investing in a service or product they can believe in, and the recommendation-based model of referral marketing achieves that.

How will business networking help my business?

Referral marketing organisations stage regular events and meetings that bring together members of the business community to promote their business and recommend and commission others. 

These meetings and events give businesses a platform to discuss and promote their service or product while enabling members to make recommendations and commissions.

The aim is to have a connected group of individuals working together as a strong business community and to enjoy the benefits that brings.

What format do business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands take?

Business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands take place in different settings with groups of different sizes. While the format may change, the common aim remains to promote the work of your business and to seek and share recommendations. 

Examples of business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands that you may find are breakfast meetings with an early start, lunchtime meetings or evening meetings that also usually feature a meal. 

Many meetings coincide with traditional mealtimes to maximise the social nature of referral marketing. As well as generating connections, the events also seek to allow members to strike up genuine working relationships. 

At a typical referral marketing meeting, a different member of the group each time usually presents to the room about their business or product while there is also time to mingle and chat to possible or existing connections.

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How to choose business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Different groups can have different set ups. While some groups are large to maximise exposure, others limit members to ensure the quality of the connection. 

Ask associates and search online for business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands as a first port of call to find out what the town has to offer before narrowing down your choice.

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Do you need to become a member?

New members are invited to take part in a trial meeting ahead of joining a networking team. 

Teams feature representatives from a wide range of businesses with many insisting on sector exclusivity for members so that there is no competition within groups. 

The average cost of attending is between £12 and £20 for each meeting. This is collected through a membership that may last a few months or year depending on the group. Following the trial attendees would be expected to take out membership.

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Joining business networking events in the Staffordshire Moorlands

Within the Staffordshire town, the NetworkIN Moorlands Team will support members as they grow personally and professionally. 

NetworkIN now has established referral marketing teams in Staffordshire, Cheshire, the West Midlands and Lancashire. Offering a host of benefits to members, NetworkIN caps the numbers for each group to ensure authentic connections are made and also provides sector exclusivity. 

A breakfast meeting is held every fortnight between 06.45am and 8.45am on Thursday by the Moorlands NetworkIN Team

The benefits of joining this meeting include:

Developing reputation and confidence

Attend well organised breakfast meetings

Introductory training and business planning at no cost

Join events and courses to promote growth

See returns through tracking

Support to boost your profile

Charity involvement to support social responsibility

Leek is a historical market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands that was granted the Royal Charter in 1214. Leek is the administrative seat of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. Leek’s distinctive appearance is in part defined by the prominent textile mills that were a key part of its heritage and have now been transformed into housing. Leek is surrounded by beautiful countryside including The Roaches and the Peak District. The town is often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Moorlands’.

Leek town centre in Staffordshire

Start using referral marketing to deliver renewed success

Contact NetworkIN Moorlands to discover how becoming part of a friendly and dedicated business community could support you in your business growth plan. 

Be IN the know and IN the now with NetworkIN.

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Numbers worth thinking about


percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision – Ogilvy, Google, TNS.


percent higher profit margins are achieved from a referred customer - Annexcloud


percent increased marketing effectiveness generated using from word of mouth - Market Share


percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know - Nielsen