The technology you will need to attend a NetworkIN meeting

Business man enjoys NetworkIN referral marketing meeting on his Macbook computer

The technology you will need to attend a NetworkIN meeting

The following information provides an overview of the technology you will need to access and gain the most out of a virtual NetworkIN meeting.

If you have any questions after following the instructions below, our team will be on hand to support you further – please refer to the bottom of the page for the best way to contact us.


The technology you will need

You will need a Chrome, Firefox or Chromium web browser installed on your PC/Laptop/MAC and a webcam or built-in camera. A headset may secure a better online meeting experience for your own sound and how you sound to other meeting participants.

To access your meeting from a mobile phone, iPad or tablet, please download the NetworkIN app ahead of the meeting:

Virtual meetings offer the best experience if accessed from a laptop or desktop computer. If you only have a mobile or tablet, there is an app available to access the meeting platform – please click here to download it.


Test your tech before the meeting

NetworkIN online meeting tools

To feel comfortable that everything is working correctly, please log into a test meeting room and check your settings – do this a couple of days prior to the scheduled meeting. This includes checking:

If you have a headset, earphones or a microphone, check they work clearly without feedback or noise distortion.


During your meeting

During the meeting your Co-ordINator will let you know of any sound or video issues so there’s no need to check if people can hear or see you. Sometimes you may see the video thumbnails of fellow advocate videos turn black. This is normal due to the system managing the connection bandwidth.

To gain the most out of a NetworkIN meeting, please review our top tips here.


What to do if you encounter technical issues

If you encounter technical issues during your test, please contact the team on 01785 291129, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and in plenty of time before your meeting.

Due to current working conditions it is quicker to book an online meeting so that a team member can share their screen with you to eliminate any issues. Please click here to book a slot with a member of the team.

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