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Getting the word out about your businesses is not always easy, neither is finding the right advice and support.

Connecting with like-minded people who share you goal and want to create a local business community is an ideal solution – and this is what referral marketing events in Stoke offer.

Spread the word through referral marketing

Referral marketing uses word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations to help businesses grow.

By bringing together businesses in a supportive community at networking meetings, referral marketing puts the power of word of mouth reviews front and centre. There is nothing as powerful as a first-hand recommendation when it comes to securing business in a local community where trust is essential.

By joining referral marketing events in Stoke, businesses can show their support for other companies and see this reciprocated, helping them to meet new clients and make increased sales.

What exactly is a referral marketing event?

Referral marketing events usually take the form of a networking meeting that allows members to meet in a relaxed and sociable environment.

These can be of varying shapes and sizes and are held in a range of venues. As a general rule networking meetings take place at either breakfast time, lunch time or in the evening to allow members to enjoy a meal together.

During the meeting members will listen to an advocate from the group delivering a presentation on a rota basis, before discussing referrals or giving feedback. There is always time made as part of the meeting for open networking to build connections.

Upcoming NetworkIN meetings in Stoke-on-Trent

How do I join a networking group?

The first step is to identify referral marketing events in Stoke that meet your needs in terms of size and format.

Smaller groups often offer a better level of support and the chance to make stronger connections while a larger group may offer a greater breadth of businesses.

Many groups also offer sector exclusivity that only allows one business to offer a particular service or product to shut out in-group competition.

Once you have found the right group, get in touch to ask for a trial session. During this trial you may get the opportunity to deliver a presentation on your business as well as decide whether the group is right for you.

Following this you can opt to take out a membership, which usually works out at between £12 and £20 per session and runs for between a few months or up to a year or more.

NetworkIN Advocates during a virtual networking and referral marketing meeting

Enjoy the support of business events in Stoke

If you want to enjoy the opportunities that referral marketing can present, NetworkIN runs a number of networking meetings in the town. 

NetworkIN is a referral marketing organisation that has grown rapidly with Teams across the West Midlands and the North West.

In Stoke there are three NetworkIN Teams. Team Stoke Lunch meets fortnightly on a Tuesday, from 12pm to 2pm; Team Stoke Thursday meets fortnightly on a Thursday, from 7.15am to 8.45am; and Team Stoke Friday meet fortnightly on a Friday from 7.15am to 8.45am.

All of the Stoke Teams offer a supportive and sociable environment within which you can work to develop your business.

The benefits of joining a NetworkIN group in Stoke include:

Sector exclusivity

Organised meetings

Support in building reputation and confidence

Free introductory training and business planning

Promotion of events and courses

Investment tracking system to visualise returns

Advice to boost your profile online

Support a charity and enhance social responsibility

Stoke is one of the six towns that create the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Famous for its links to the pottery industry, Stoke retains a strong sense of its cultural heritage and is home to the Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre. Stoke is also home to Stoke-on-Trent Railway Station and Staffordshire University.

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Start a new chapter in your company’s success with network marketing

With a great choice of referral marketing events in Stoke to join, take the first step in developing your business through network marketing today and get in touch. 

Be IN the know and IN the now with NetworkIN.

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Numbers worth thinking about


percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision – Ogilvy, Google, TNS.


percent higher profit margins are achieved from a referred customer - Annexcloud


percent increased marketing effectiveness generated using from word of mouth - Market Share


percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know - Nielsen