Getting back to work – where to find more advice

Getting back to work – where to find more advice

Following Sunday’s announcement the new government guidance to employers has been issued – here employment law specialist Karen Coleman shares with us the top items and where you can find more advice.

Karen considers the following links to be the most useful and significant of the guidance issued yesterday afternoon regarding making workplaces safe:

There is also an announcement expected today (May 12) regarding the next stage of the furlough scheme. Early reports from the media suggest it is expected that the scheme will extend into July, August and September but only for 60% of wages and also the £2500 maximum may reduce. Part time-working with a top-up should be allowed. Please note this is not confirmed – please keep checking back for the updates.

Meanwhile, hang in there. Karen adds: “If you have good businesses and care about your staff – I have confidence from what I have already seen that all of my clients will get through this storm, if with a little more grey hair and somewhat fatigued like me.”

Looking for more employment law advice?

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