Be inspired to reach your potential through women’s networking, Staffordshire

Find the support that you need through referral marketing

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Networking is an excellent way of making new business contacts and is a great way to meet new people from new industries.

In terms of the support that referral marketing can bring, joining a  supportive women’s networking group in Staffordshire will offer the dedicated support women in industry sometimes need.

What to expect from women’s networking, Staffordshire

Women’s networking groups offer an opportunity for women working as sole-traders, heading up their own business or representing larger companies to meet up, exchange ideas and make new contacts.

Groups for women’s networking in Staffordshire that have a strong referral marketing component will offer the chance to make connections as well as forge good working relationships and offer support for personal as well as professional development.

All-female networking groups follow a standard format that allows members to use the platform to promote their business and discuss forthcoming projects and socialise to make connections.

Meetings usually also include some form of refreshments, such as breakfast, lunch or a light evening meal, depending on the time of the day.

Why choose female-only business events in Staffordshire?

In business, women remain underrepresented in management positions and continue to face collective problems, such as the pay gap.

Working together women can support each other to fulfil their potential and find the support to tackle common problems head on. For many women the challenges they may have faced in the workplace will have been experienced by other women, who can offer advice and support from the position of first-hand experience.

Staffordshire offers a fantastic mix of forward-thinking culture and a strong heritage. With the Potteries lying at its heart, the ceramics industry represents that with fascinating museums and a reputation for cutting edge contemporary work. Staffordshire also takes in the historic towns of Stafford and Lichfield as well as Cannock Chase and parts of the Peak District. Staffordshire has enviable connections, lying close to the M6 and near to Birmingham, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Leicestershire.

Upcoming female-only NetworkIN meetings

Finding a women’s networking group, Staffordshire

At NetworkIN we believe that together we are stronger, and this certainly applies in women supporting each other to realise their ambitions.

NetworkIN has a ladies’ group that meets fortnightly on a Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm in Stone. In this fun and proactive group, advocates have formed a strong bond and support each other personally and professionally.

As well as developing strong connections among other businesswomen, NetworkIN’s Team Stone Ladies brings a number of other advantages.

NetworkIN is a referral marketing organisation with groups across the North West and Midlands. Members of these groups benefit from excellent support as well as networking opportunities.

Sector exclusivity

Fortnightly structured meetings

A chance to build your authority

Free introductory training and business planning

Online promotional advice and development courses

A personalised investment tracking system

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How do I get involved in women’s networking, Staffordshire?

Once you have found a networking group that appeals to you, either through an internet search or a recommendation, you can ask to take part in a trial session.

If you decide that the group is the right fit for you and your sector is not ‘taken’ you can take out membership to join the group, which will run to several months or a year. The cost of this averages out at between £12 and £20 per month

NetworkIN Advocates during a virtual networking and referral marketing meeting

Sign up for the support you need

Grasp the future that you were meant to have and enlist the support you need to help get you there by signing up to a women’s networking group in Staffordshire – contact Team Stone Ladies.

Be IN the know and IN the now with NetworkIN.

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Numbers worth thinking about


percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision – Ogilvy, Google, TNS.


percent higher profit margins are achieved from a referred customer - Annexcloud


percent increased marketing effectiveness generated using from word of mouth - Market Share


percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know - Nielsen