ExplorINg your wider community

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ExplorINg your wider community

When was the last time you experienced something for the first time and it paid dividends? Sometimes it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone, trying something different or meeting new people. It’s rewarding, energising and enriching.

As a NetworkIN advocate you have the opportunity to explore the wider NetworkIN community and visit any team meeting, aside from your home team, as long as your sector is not represented. 

Gain more visibility and expand your business

Imagine how a tree grows. Sprouting new shoots grow into larger branches each year, reaching new elevations as they develop. The purpose of ExplorINg NetworkIN is similar in allowing you to expand your network and harness the power of referral marketing to reach new heights. 

You will meet more professional, like-minded people and open up new ways to build collaborative relationships, share skills and increase knowledge. You will generate more business leads and add to your growing network of trusted colleagues.


Explore with purpose

NetworkIN promotes a ‘meeting of minds’ and ‘collaboration before competition’ but tread carefully when ExplorINg. You may see it as a numbers game but this could stretch you too thinly. Instead, focus on the wider community and get a feel for each team culture. You will find you fit into some teams more naturally than others. 

Your home team will feel comfortable so ExplorINg will take time to nurture new relationships. Be prepared with a slick, memorable MINute Message and research current team advocates. Plan who you want to speak to and request 1-2-1s during the INputs section. 

Good luck…

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