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Home working practical tips from UK Business IT

With the Coronavirus epidemic governing most of what are able to do these days, and the likelihood that social distancing in one form or another is likely to be with us for many months/years, here are a few practical tips to help people working from home from Leek Advocate Mark Swann.

  • During March 2020, cybercriminals increased their phishing attacks by 667% – taking advantage of users’ lowered security due to working from home, and the fact that email is the most convenient method of communication given that speaking to colleagues isn’t so easy. Users therefore need to be even more vigilant during this time and be on the lookout for dodgy emails. Anything suspicious needs to be reported and any email asking you to change bank details should raise a massive red flag.
  • Companies that use VOIP telephone systems can either take their handsets home with them or they can utilise an app on their smartphone which allows the mobile phone to mimic the functionality of the office phone – hence calls can be answered, transferred, recorded etc. This app will also work on a PC or laptop at home and hence with a headset, your home computer can also become your office phone.
  • Users working from home are generally working behind a poor firewall built-in to the home router. Whilst it would be difficult to change this, it wouldn’t be difficult to change the default router password and to ensure that the computer had all of its updates applied. Also ensure that any machines at home also have up-to-date antivirus software running.
  • Data connections to the work server(s) should be a Secure VPN which reduces the risk of your data being intercepted. You will need your IT Support people to set this up although once set up, it will help to protect your data, email, and bank accounts etc.
  • If possible, laptops and mobile devices should be encrypted (ie the data on the hard drive is scrambled). Windows 10 Pro comes with a free tool that lets you do this.

UK Business IT Limited support clients to work remotely securely and if you have any questions Managing Director Mark Swann can be contacted on 01782 264455 or by emailing [email protected].

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