Team Stafford Breakfast

NetworkIN supports all advocates and their businesses, and offers any small company or sole trader a strong community in which to prosper despite current challenges. The ethos is - together we are stronger.


Team Stafford Breakfast Advocates are truly dynamic with strong entrepreneurial talents and are dedicated to helping each other reach their goals.

If you have a great work ethic and are looking to extend your knowledge and expertise, come and visit us. Meetings takes place every other Wednesday at 6.45am - 8.45am.

Attendee numbers are restricted to allow for social distancing and a sector-exclusive policy is in place to allow for a positive meeting experience.



Team Leader


Hi there, I'm Sarah - one part agency owner of a Brand Communications agency called Brand Jam. Thank you for having me as part of NetworkIn, it's great to be here.  

In a nutshell, we create, develop and market brands for people who are passionate about their business. We go beyond visual looks to give small business owners strategic brand communications that help attract (and keep) the right customers.

We do this in the following ways: 

  • Creation of new brands for startups
  • Brand developments and enhancements for growing SME's
  • Brand guardianship for any type of SME 


Our mission for being in business is to help small businesses realise their vision, bring it to life and then provide high performing design and marketing deliverables to maintain a constant and consistent presence in their marketplace. 

When you work with us, we'll give you the why (strategy), a unique identity and sticky marketing that help you create the awareness, engagement, conversion and advocacy communications you need to grow as a small business.

If this sounds good, you can start your new tomorrow today by calling Sarah on 07984 313393. We'd love to work with you.  



Telephone: 01543547587

Mobile: 07984313393

Email: [email protected]



Team Leader


I enjoy helping clients understand and achieve their financial objective by building a bespoke investment strategy towards thier goals. I put the clients at the heart of everything I do with a transparent approach, offering advise to both personal and professional clients ensuring the wealth they have built up today is being utilised in the most tax efficient manner. I offer advice accross all aspects of financial planning with the back-office support and power of a FTSE 100 company. 


Mobile: 07463336344

Email: [email protected]




Team Leader


I am an experienced analytical and systems orientated Administrator and AAT licensed Bookkeeper.  For business owners who want to focus on their core activities and grow their business, I provide office administration support and bookkeeping to include payroll, VAT and CIS.  As well as being a certified Xero advisor, I work with Quickbooks and FreeAgent.

I have implemented a variety of systems to streamline businesses and reduce the need for manual entry, organised documents and office systems and developed systems to ensure continuity.   

I am passionate about data, systems and administration.  I believe if you record your data accurately you can learn so much about your own business through simple analysis.  Implementing the correct systems help you reduce the need for manual processes.

My key strengths include the ability to be flexible to undertake a variety of tasks and the ability to organise processes and ensure compliance with current legislation.  I like nothing better than to be given a problem and provide a solution.


Mobile: 07985947795

Email: [email protected]

Website: hptt://



Team Leader


Lilac Films produce promotional video adverts for web and social media advertising, viral films, event coverage, business animations, product demonstration and explainer videos.

We also run training courses where we can teach you how to capture professional video testimonials using just your smart phone to film, edit and share.


Telephone: 01785887859

Mobile: 07812486565

Email: [email protected]






Director at Eivissa Health and Fitness Ltd - Specialising in Behaviour Change Transformation Coaching - Personal Training and all things Nutrition.

Eivissa – Health, fitness and nutrition with the individual in mind

Staying fit and healthy is an individual journey

Your journey to feeling good about yourself should be one that is insightful, exciting and fun. It should be easy, sustainable and full of discovery.

The solution to feeling great, improving fitness levels and becoming healthier isn’t a one-size fits all.

Whether you feel as though you need to lose weight, work on your body strength, tone and conditioning, recover from an injury or train for a sporting event, the fitness and wellbeing methods will be as different for you as they are for the next person.  It might be that you’ve been told to make some changes by a medical professional or as age or injury takes its toll you want to understand how to improve your nutrition and make healthy choices when it comes to food and drink.

Your mental wellbeing and physical exercise are intertwined and knowing what works for you is a personal journey. Eivissa Health & Fitness are here to support you on this journey with a tailor made programme of health, fitness and nutrition.

With a strong focus on behaviour change coaching our VIP Eivissa Behaviour Change Programme is designed to break down whatever is holding you back from achieving your health, fitness and nutritional goals by working on positive behavioural change and retuning your mindset to one of non-stop achievement.



Telephone: 01543713031

Mobile: 07896990948

Email: [email protected]






Home to affordable conference facilities, the Barbanell Centre. A healthy programme of day awareness training, short three-day and weekend courses, and weeklong learning retreats are already established.



Telephone: 01785615513

Email: [email protected]





Spark to your Success exists to empower young people to become tomorrow’s confident business, community and family leaders by feeling happy ‘in their own skin’.

By working with organisations, charities and projects we know that together we can boost the amazing work and outcomes that they are already achieving.

For many young people, modern life pressures can be immense – the education system, social anxieties, imbalances at home and career stress – to name but a few. Yet, irrespective of these pressures and each individual’s actual abilities or strengths, society in general still judges every young person’s value and worth through the lens of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ academic meritocracy.

This approach works for some, but it can fail far too many. We want to support young people to discover their innate abilities and talents – and not necessarily those generally prescribed by teachers, parents and peers – while nurturing realistic aspirations.

Our mission is to give young people the opportunity to develop high self-worth and inner confidence. We want them to know who they are and what unique talents they have to offer to the world, with a clear direction for their future and a vision of how they can make a positive difference to their relationships and the world around them.




Telephone: 03301002821

Mobile: 07795950054

Email: [email protected]





Roy owns Sandler, a training, coaching and consultancy franchise in Sales. Management and Leadership.

Run from Studio 4 in North Staffordshire. 

Roy currently works with clients who have great products and great people. They typically are concerned that not enough new prospects are being introduced to the company and don’t know why. They are sometimes frustrated that sales cycles are too long but don’t know how to shorten them. Sometimes they are angry that there is price erosion during the sales cycle, but they don’t know what to do about it.

Alternately they may need to manage or lead their company or department and don't know where to start for improvement in these areas.

Sandler is a sales , management and leadership process used by many of the top global companies such as HP, Dell, Boeing, LinkedIn, Oracle as well as many SME’s locally.

Current local clients are often reporting fifty per cent to four hundred per cent growth in sales and profits after working with Roy.

Clients are typically highly qualified and experienced in their field, but sales or management are not their principal areas of expertise.

Current clients include Lawyers, Insolvency Practitioners, Film producers, IT suppliers, Financial services. Typically B2B or long term B2C relationships.

The training can be face to face or virtually from our studios. There will be highly interactive discussions about how buyers buy, how sellers sell and what can go wrong. It is designed to allow attendee interaction and input to cover local sales issues as the audience sees them.

Management and Leadership works in the same fashion.

Roy is an Electrical and Electronic engineer specialising in Manufacturing.

He started working with GEC Automation, globally commissioning and projecting on control projects. Working in diverse industries such as Ceramics, Nuclear Power generation, Water treatment, Defence, Tyre manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical as well as coal and steel heavy industries.

He lectured at Cambridge University for the Manufacturing Engineering department for ten years and helped to set up the Distributed Integrated Automation Laboratory there.

He was a Sales Director and General Manager for Spectris (FTSE SXS), for Europe, the Middle East and Europe.  He has travelled extensively, managing staff, training and globally qualifying and closing deals. The deals were driven at local to international level, across time zones and very long timescales.





Telephone: 01782518040

Mobile: 07867525868

Email: [email protected]






I am an independent mortgage and protection adviser, based locally in Stafford. My team and I pride ourselves in helping clients to move house, or remortgage by finding the most suitable mortgage products for them and looking after the whole process. We are also passionate about advising them on the right insurance package to protect themselves, their family, their home and their business against death and illness.


Telephone: 01785225983

Mobile: 07950288607

Email: [email protected]




Carthy Accountants are based in Staffordshire and provide clients with specialist tax advice as well as offering compliance related support.  They are experts in working individually with clients on their growth and development plans and are able to tailor their advice to support the client’s long term personal and professional goals.  The work done in this area is well regarded, with clients finding huge benefits in being able to focus specifically on their business’s development rather than just ‘doing the day job’.  The firm is also recognised in the specialist, and often complicated, area of expat tax and supports clients from across all regions of the world.


Telephone: 01785248939

Mobile: 01785248939

Email: [email protected]


Team Meeting details

Fortnightly on a Wednesday .
What time:
6:45am - 8:45am
Barbanell Conference Centre, 64B Co-Operative Street, Stafford, ST16 3DA
Upcoming meetings: 
1st February 2023
15th February 2023
1st March 2023
15th March 2023