Reach new heights in success by tapping into the power of referral marketing

Business networking events in Northwich will open the door to new opportunities and support

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Finding new business opportunities and support that you can rely on is easier than you imagined through business networking events in Northwich.

Through the power of word-of-mouth referrals you will be able to share what your business can do for others and enjoy seeing the rewards.

Why chose business networking events?

Business networking events in Northwich make selling your business or service to others easy. It is second nature to explain what your business offers and to make personal and professional relationships in an informal environment. This is what a business networking event does.

Rather than rely on sales methods such as cold calling or mailshots, referral marketing allows you to make sustainable, strong connections with other businesses and organisations that could benefit from your service, and that can recommend you to others.

How do business networking events work?

Business networking events come in different shapes and sizes, from large drinks gatherings to small breakfast groups, or even online-only groups, so make sure you chose a group that is right for you.

At these events businesses get the opportunity to address the group on a rotating basis to tell everyone about their product or service and what they have to offer.

There will also be time included to allow participants to socialise and build relationships within the group. A smaller group, for example, will allow closer connections to be made.

Food is very often a component of a referral marketing meeting in fitting with the idea of socialising and making more natural connections. This could be a breakfast group, lunchtime meeting or evening event that includes a light dinner.

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Joining business networking events in Northwich

If you are looking for business networking events in Northwich a good place to start your search is on the internet, where a search should highlight several options.

Next decide if the group offers what you are looking for and want from a referral marketing organisation. Make sure there is time to socialise, consider whether there are limitations on the number of members and that it is a convenient time and place.

Sector exclusivity is offered at many business networking events in Northwich and is important to feeling visible and valued within a group as competition within a membership group can be counter-productive.

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How much does it cost to join business networking events in Northwich?

Referral marketing and networking groups accommodate a wide range of businesses from larger companies to sole-traders.

The main point they have in common is that they are seeking to make or strengthen contacts within a geographical community to help grow and support their business.

Meetings often taken place in a social setting where there may be an additional charge for food. As a general guideline business networking events in Northwich usually cost around £12 to £20 per meeting. The fees are usually taken through a membership that runs for a set amount of time from between three months and 12 months.

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Joining business networking events in Northwich

NetworkIN is a dedicated referral marketing organisation that runs breakfast business networking events in Northwich every fortnight. These take place on a Friday from 7.15am to 8.45am.

The teams operates with a limit on member numbers to ensure that advocates enjoy a personal experience and can make strong connections. Businesses can also be sure of enjoying sector exclusivity.

The benefits of joining NetworkIN business networking events in Northwich include:

Support in developing reputation and confidence

Well organised meetings

Free introductory training and business planning

Events and courses to support growth

Promotional advice to boost your profile

Charity involvement to support social responsibility

Northwich is a large town in a central part of the Cheshire plain. The population of Northwich and the surrounding areas is around 63,000 and the town was voted one of the best places to live in England by The Sunday Times in 2014. Northwich has a historical connection with salt mining being surrounded by salt pans. Northwich is just 12 miles away from Manchester airport and easily connected to major cities including Liverpool and Manchester.

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Choose business networking events in Northwich to help your company grow

Take a decisive step towards where you want to be from a business point of view by contacting NetworkIN’s Northwich Team to enjoy the support and confidence a networking group will offer.

Virtual networking and referral marketing meeting being help on a laptop

Numbers worth thinking about


percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision – Ogilvy, Google, TNS.


percent higher profit margins are achieved from a referred customer - Annexcloud


percent increased marketing effectiveness generated using from word of mouth - Market Share


percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know - Nielsen