Inviting guests to NetworkIN

This page will explain how best to invite guests to your NetworkIN meeting.

It will cover the importance of guests attending the meetings and illustrate proven ways to effectively ask the question.

Growing teams and strengthening culture

Guests make every NetworkIN meeting unique by bringing a fresh set of eyes, ears and opportunities into the room.

Even if they don’t join after  two sample visits, guests introduce diverse skills and experience to advocates and bring a new dynamic to the culture of every teams.

Guests also benefit from visiting a NetworkIN meeting. Anyone attending a meeting for the first time will appreciate being introduced to proactive professionals. Sitting through a meeting helps guests to learn how referral marketing could benefit their business as a way to market their products and services and increase awareness. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful when you see it firsthand.

Be the introducer

As an advocate you are encouraged to invite guests that you believe have an approach to business that is referral worthy.

There are several ways to invite a guest to your Team meeting:

  • Via your preferred social media platform
  • Personal email
  • Telephone call
  • Events and activities

If you are unsure who you could invite, think about potential guests as people or businesses you already work with. They could be friends or family members who have their own business or are employed in a business development role. You could even invite people who you haven’t yet met.

Why would you invite a guest?

As previously mentioned, new guests bring new opportunities to advocates and help with the organic growth of Teams.

Additional benefits include:

  • Potential collaboration opportunities
  • Introducing a captive and target audience to hear advocate Business BulletINs or LearnINg PoINts
  • Improving guest knowledge from seeing presentations relevant to their business or situation
  • Receiving a testimonial or appreciation for how you have served a guest because they have first-hand experience
  • Having a trusted StandIN at a meeting you are unable to attend
  • Supporting a start up businesses by adding value (in the form of NetworkIN advocate skills)
  • Providing a fresh meeting experience for past guests whose circumstances may have changed

Who would make an ideal guest?

To put it simply, anyone! But you know we like to be specific at NetworkIN! So, an ideal guest could be a:

  • Business associate
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Fellow collaborator or partner
  • Member of staff
  • Friend
  • Family member

If there is someone you trust and they know their stuff?

Would make a great guest – especially if they operate in a sector that your Team is looking to attract.

Follow the script

Below is a helpful script that has been used by our Team Leaders since day one and it has never failed to get guests in the room. Please feel free to adapt this to suit your own tone of voice so that you are comfortable with it. By all means try your own version to monitor the response – good luck 🙂

Hi [Name],

I would like to share an opportunity with you! Are you free on <Day Date>?

I am working with a team of entrepreneurs at a NetworkIN meeting once a fortnight, usually in [Town], but currently online.

The team are looking to work with a [job title]. They are seeking to find someone who not only offers these services but is also amazing at what they do and have an approach to business and customer service that is ‘referral worthy.’ From your Linkedin profile, it looks as though you may be the perfect person to introduce to them!

If you agree and are available, I would love to welcome you to join our next online meeting.

NetworkIN is the ‘A Grade’ of referral marketing that exists to bring you more business. Our local groups of entrepreneurs are committed to growing their business in a friendly, informal, yet focused way.

You can find out about our other [County] groups here: [Link to County’s Teams]

Attending a meeting is your chance to see if the environment and culture will work for your business. The meeting is from [times].

I would just need your email address to send you an invitation. Please let me know your thoughts.

Kind regards

[Your Name]

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact NetworkIN HQ on 01785 291129 for guidance.


You gain a free months’ advocacy for every guest invited that you personally get to sign on the dotted line and submit their application form – why wouldn’t you?