Discover how networking events in Cheshire can support your business

Become part of a supportive business community through referral marketing

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Networking is a proven way to make valuable business connections that help you to reach new customers and support you in developing your business.

Becoming part of a wider business community will see new options  present themselves as powerful word-of-mouth marketing gets to work.

What are business networking events?

Networking events in Cheshire give those running their own business or representing a larger business a chance to meet others in the same position, however these have the greatest impact when part of a referral marketing strategy. 

While networking is about the idea of getting out face-to-face and meeting people, referral marketing focuses more on supporting referrals and working to generate them. 

Whereas networking events can encompass large, fast-paced events where many contacts can be made, referral marketing events concentrate more on creating a community within and around which referrals can be made on an ongoing basis.  

Business networking events are held by members of a business community and usually focus on being sociable occasions held at the same time every week, fortnight or month. Those taking part often need to take out a membership.

What to expect from networking events in Cheshire

To maximise their impact, networking events usually follow a set pattern that allows a strong mix of information, promotion of individual projects and companies, and socialising.

Members will get to discuss their work and form strong business relationships.

A standard format would see:

  • Each member speaking briefly about their business and they offer
  • A chance for open networking ahead of the formal meeting
  • Longer presentations from selected members, or on items of interest
  • The chance to discuss opportunities within the group and between members
  • Notice of future events, fund-raisers or social activities

Upcoming NetworkIN meetings in Cheshire

How much do referral marketing meetings in Cheshire cost?

The costs of networking events can vary in relation to what is offered and where. 

Meetings are held at a variety of locations and often include food and drink, such as breakfast, lunch or a light evening meal. The cost of this along with administration fees, support and promotional opportunities will be included in a membership that runs for several months or a year. The cost of this averages out at between £12 and £20 per session. 

Membership of a marketing referral group usually also guarantees sector exclusivity, where a business that offers that same product or service will be unable to join.

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Join a Cheshire networking event

If you are looking for a rewarding networking and referral marketing experience that will support the growth of your business, NetworkIN offers that. 

NetworkIN is a referral marketing organisation that hosts a large number of meetings across the Midlands and the North West. 

If you are looking for business events in Cheshire, there are several NetworkIN Teams to choose from in Northwich, Nantwich, Sandbach, Crewe, Macclesfield, Knutsford, Altrincham, Congleton, Cheadle and Stockport. 

Advocates that join NetworkIN work together in supporting close-knit teams that focus on personal and professional development and help each other to find new opportunities. 

NetworkIN offers members: 

Sector exclusivity

Fortnightly structured meetings

A chance to build your authority

Free introductory training and business planning

Online promotional advice and development courses

A personalised investment tracking system

Cheshire is a largely agricultural North West county featuring many villages and is surrounded by Manchester, Liverpool, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Wales. Well known for its affluent areas that attract footballers from nearby premier teams, Cheshire also has a historic connection with salt mining and luxury car manufacture. In the 2011 census Cheshire had a population in excess of 1,000,000.

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Build valuable connections through networking events in Cheshire

Take your business to the next level with the support of a marketing referral team that will advocate for you, and help you every step of the way, by getting in touch with one of our Cheshire NetworkIN teams

Be IN the know and IN the now with NetworkIN.

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Numbers worth thinking about


percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision – Ogilvy, Google, TNS.


percent higher profit margins are achieved from a referred customer - Annexcloud


percent increased marketing effectiveness generated using from word of mouth - Market Share


percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know - Nielsen